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Dining Out At Home, In The AM

Photo by Ane Septianingrum

Dining Out At Home, In The AM

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By Ane Septianingrum

How many days in our calendars do we carve out a time to catch up with a friend over coffee, pencil in a date at a wine bar with that guy/gal you have been seeing, or book a large dinner party at that restaurant you have been meaning to try? Most of us would say that this is a weekly occurrence.


No one could have predicted the magnitude the current pandemic would play in our everyday lives. So as we closed our doors from the outside world a few months back, we mourned the loss of the life we had “back in the day”. However, as we all wait at home with our fingers crossed that this will all be over soon, the hospitality industry has since walked through the metaphoric door into the brave new world. Adapting with the current global conditions filled with restrictions and regulations, they have reconstructed the foundations of this long-standing industry and crafted a new norm for café goers. 

The atmospheric clinking of glasses, endless chatter and queuing up to order is now a thing of the past as business owners revised their daily operations to the new hospitality standard. Customers are now encouraged to purchase their products through the various online stores that have popped up since lockdown occurred, most of which offers home delivery. Whether that be ready-made goods or pantry supplies for when you have got a hankering for a little something something. The following are businesses that will make the AM something worth waking up to. 


First and foremost, let’s direct your gaze to the assortment of sweets Mork Chocolate has on hand. From their twice-baked chocolate cake and Swedish bun pudding, we promise it will have you leaping out of bed. Yes, cake definitely constitutes as breakfast at a time such as these.  However, if what you’re craving is a pastry (or two) with your cup of joe, make your way to Cobb Lane Bakery for a $5 croissant or $30 for a six pack of assorted pastries and donuts. Yes, donuts are also an acceptable breakfast food. 

While we can still enjoy a takeaway coffee from our local café, try and opt for an alternative that will put less waste into our landfill. The planet and your taste buds will thank you for it. Market Lane Coffee is your one stop shop for coffee beans and equipment to make a delicious brew at home. From their coffee club subscriptions valued at $20 every fortnight to their pour-over kits, they’ll make a coffee connoisseur out of you yet. Melbournians are nothing if not spoilt for choice, so if you prefer your sweets with tea, Somage Tea will be able to aid you in that search. Scroll away to find yourself a bag of quality loose-leaf tea, chai or chocolate beverages for the whole family to enjoy. 

While we can’t ignore the vast and unexpected changes we had to assimilate to, some things that has come out of this experience is nothing short of a blessing in disguise. So much so that once this phase in our lives has passed, you will be missing the days you don’t have to set an alarm, where it is completely acceptable to work in your sweatpants and eat without guilt because going for a run is a normal thing to do now on the daily. The thing we should not miss is the opportunity to support the businesses that made it possible for us to enjoy the café experience from the comfort of our own home at a tumultuous time. So whether you’re “dining out” dressed to the nines or in those sweatpants you have been wearing since March, loosen up those purse strings (only if you are financially able to of course) and contribute to the industry that only keeps on giving.