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XO Sauce

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Bring Lee Ho Fook’s incredible food home tonight with their iconic XO sauce. This is a housemade gourmet seafood sauce made with premium dried scallops and prawns. In the popular Melbourne restaurant, this sauce is used for the Fujian fried rice and scarlet prawn noodles dishes. Thanks to this sauce, you can try your hand at recreating the dishes at home for those nights when you just want to stay in!

What is XO sauce?

Not quite sure what XO sauce actually is? It’s a spicy seafood sauce that originates from Hong Kong. It packs a punch thanks to its umami flavour compounds and is a little sweet, salty, spicy all at once. You can add it to anything really to boost the taste instantly. We also offer some equally delicious XO sauce from Lagoon Dining and Gingerboy.

XO Sauce recipe

There are many different recipes out there for this mouthwatering sauce. The staple ingredients though are generally garlic, onion, shrimp, shrimp roe, scallop, ham, and fish. It’s actually considered a delicacy because of the amount of expensive dried seafood used to make it. It’s a very time consuming recipe to make, so why not opt for one ready-made from the experts at Lee Ho Fook.

Pipis in XO Sauce

A classic dish to hero this sauce would have to be with pipis. It’s super easy to make and you start by cooking your live pipis in boiling water. Once they open after 3 minutes or so, you can remove them and prepare your sauce. Combine XO, aromatics like garlic & ginger, Shaoxing wine, soy sauce, stock and sugar over a low heat. Toss your pipis in the delicious sauce and away you go!

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