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Victorian Regional Box

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Sometimes choosing is just too hard. So we went ahead and curated the creme-de-la-creme, the pieces de resistance, the crowning jewels of each region into one mouth-watering ‘Victorian Regional’ Box.

Inside, ten indulgent products from regional Victoria’s top producers await you. From the buttery flavour of Atlantic salmon caviar to the bright, floral tone of cool-climate wine, the ‘Victorian Regional’ Box caters to every taste and occasion.

Thoughtfully hand-selected by us at Co-lab Pantry, each product is fresh, seasonal and directly supports the local businesses who made ‘em. It’s a no brainer really - eat good food, support local producers and make your friends jealous with your knowledge of artisan food.

  • Atlantic Salmon Caviar by Yarra Valley Caviar
  • Vegan Kimchi by The Fermentary
  • Orange Marmalade by Four Pillars
  • Smoked Eggs by The Smoked Egg Company
  • Pinot Noir by Ten Minutes By Tractor
  • Tomato Relish by Lakehouse’s Wolf in the Kitchen
  • Torchio Pasta by Otway Pasta Company
  • Organic Tea by Love Tea
  • Pepper Cheese by Apostle Whey Cheese
  • Chocolate Bar by Platypi Chocolate
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Curated regional boxes

Regional Victoria is no stranger to exceptional produce. With its undulating vineyards, fertile soil and most importantly, first-rate growers, the region has fast become one of the biggest players on the global culinary stage. Of course, experiencing these tasty delights from our own backyard is usually reserved for a luxurious weekend getaway or after a deep dive in a boutique grocer. But Co-lab Pantry is changing all that.