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Original BBQ Sauce 375ml

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Looking for a delicious gourmet BBQ Sauce? Order the famous Fancy Hanks sauce now at Co-Lab Pantry. The team has been cooking this recipe since before you had an Instagram account. It’s tried, tested, and much loved and now you can enjoy it from the comfort of home, whenever you want it.

The Fancy Hanks sauce is delicious as a glaze on spare ribs (just like they do at the restaurant), and it's perfect to finish off your home smoked pork shoulder. But it goes just as well on a sanga, sausage roll, or barbecued meats. Slather it anywhere you want the delicious smokey barbeque flavour.

The Fancy Hanks Sauce makes for a delicious gourmet condiment to elevate an at-home meal. Or, why not gift it to a foodie friend for a birthday, Christmas, or special event. It’s a true one-of-its-kind barbeque sauce.

There are a lot of things Fancy Hanks does well. Authentic American barbeque. Ultra slow-cooked meats… and small batch, locally made sauce. When you’re firing up the grill at home and need to bring the flavour, there’s no better option than these bad boys. Keep things simple with their Original BBQ, or go all out with the Cayenne and Watermelon Hot Sauce. There are no wrong choices here.

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Order your tasty Fancy Hanks sauce now at Co-Lab Pantry. Enjoy free delivery on orders over $150 in the Melbourne Metropolitan area. Discover our curated edit of gourmet condiments now. We work with the best restaurants and food producers in Australia, delivering top quality frozen meals and pantry staples from our chefs to your doorstep.

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