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Orange Marmalade

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Want an upgrade on your regular marmalade? Try the Four Pillars Marmalade, crafted from the production of their iconic gin. This orange peel marmalade has a deliciously fragrant and spicy flavour.

Orange Marmalade

Orange marmalade is a delicious way to make use of an abundance of oranges during orange season. With a taste not dissimilar to orange juice, the marmalade from Four Pillars also has a unique spicy flavour to it thanks to being steamed with botanicals. It marks an update to your regular strawberry jam for breakfast.

How to make marmalade

Like all good things, marmalade starts with good quality ingredients and in this case, top knotch oranges. The most simple recipe calls for oranges, lemons and sugar simmered for a few hours. It needs to reach 105C in order to set properly- anything over that temperature can burn easily.

Marmalade vs Jam

The main difference between marmalade and jam is that the former is only ever made from whole oranges (ideally Seville). Instead, jam can be made from a variety of other fruits like strawberry, apricot and blackberry. At Co-Lab Pantry, we also stock a deliciou array of tasty jams to enjoy at breakfast or on scones. Try the Strawberry & Vanilla jam, strawberry & blood orange cointreau, and strawberry & limoncello jam from Via Porta. If you’re looking for a kick to your marmalade, give the Four Pillars Orange Negroni Marmalade a whirl.

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