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Gin Mayo

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Looking for something a little extra in your jar of mayonnaise? Order the Gin Mayo from St Ali now at Co-Lab Pantry. It's gin. And mayonnaise. Combined. What could be more delicious?!

Containing 2% alcohol, get a kick without getting drunk. This tasty Gin Mayo is infused with Bobby’s—a fine and balanced distilled gin containing eight botanicals—and has a fantastic flavour with some festive flair.

Wondering how to use your mayo? Just pop it anywhere you would with regular mayonnaise. Use as your next favourite spread or topping - perfect on fried chicken. No judgement for eating straight from the tube!

Gin Mayo is the brainchild from the kitchen of an Amsterdam restaurant, Mossel & Gin, created to serve guests the best sauce to combine with seafood in 2017. It became so popular with guests wanting to take the product home that they joined forces with Zaanse Mayonaise to launch Gin Mayo into the world. This delicious product is brought to us by Melbourne’s iconic St Ali. The cafe is a coffee innovator. Their premium brews have been keeping the city awake for 16 years thanks to skillful roasting and ethically-sourced beans. Available now in compostable capsules, your morning’s just got a whole lot better.

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Order your tasty Gin Mayo now at Co-Lab Pantry. Enjoy free delivery on orders over $150 in the Melbourne Metropolitan area. Discover our curated edit of gourmet condiments now. We work with the best restaurants and food producers in Australia, delivering top quality frozen meals and pantry staples from our chefs to your doorstep.

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