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Free Range Pork Spare Ribs - 3 pieces

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Discover delicious pork spare ribs from our local Victorian butcher Peter Bouchier at Co-Lab Pantry. These spare ribs weigh 500g and are certified free-range pork (PMCFR) and APIQ accredited.

What are pork spare ribs?

Spare ribs come from the belly of the beast and have good succulent meat on them. They’re often meatier than back ribs and are flatter making them easier to brown evenly.

How to cook pork spare ribs?

Whether you marinate overnight, or simply rub with oil and sprinkle on some Butcher's Salt, pork spare ribs are superb for an indulgent and flavourful meal. The trick is to cook them long and slow to ensure you have tender meat falling off the bone. You can smoke, braise, bake or grill your spare ribs making them a very versatile cut of meat to cook with. A surefire way to enjoy them is to cover them with water in a baking tray (after marinating of course) and bake for one hour and a half- two hours. Afterwards, you can brush them with a sticky sauce and put back into the oven for a few final minutes. Take a look at our full range of condiments for some delicious sauces to enjoy with your ribs.

What to serve with pork spare ribs?

You can really enjoy a wide range of side dishes with pork spare ribs. We look to keep it veggie heavy, so why not try a potato salad, baked beans, pasta salads, or a classic American style mac and cheese.

Can’t get enough ribs? Try our beef short ribs from Peter Bouchier now.

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Behind the Brand

Peter Bouchier has been providing quality produce since 1983. They work with the leading free range producers in Victoria and NSW. They choose suppliers who share a passion for quality meat, as well as animal welfare and sustainability. We love this about them! Peter Bouchier have strict requirement for the size, type, and quality of meat they accept from suppliers, so they can always ensure a consistent and high-quality product for our customers. From their sourcing to their handling, all products are prepared with skill, care and precision. They ensure they treat their meat with respect right from sourcing, cutting, slicing, and trimming.