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Free Range Pork Belly Roast

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Indulgent and rich, slow cook your pork belly until it's falling apart, it's guaranteed to be moist and full of flavour. And of course it's Peter Bouchier Certified Free Range Pork. There's no better butcher for pork belly. This is a fresh product and should be consumed within 2-3 days. Buy your pork belly online and we will deliver it straight to you. Approximately 800g - 1kg. CERTIFIED FREE RANGE PORK (PBCFR) - APIQ ACCREDITED

What is pork belly?

As the name suggests, pork belly is the cut of meat that comes from the belly of a pig. It’s fatty, salty and therefore super tasty. Pork belly is used to make bacon and pancetta, but also stars when roasted. It has a super rich flavour because of the layer of fat on the top of the belly.

How to cook pork belly?

The trick to cooking tender pork belly? Long and slow. You can roast it, braise it, or even sous vide it. Our pork belly comes in a slab of 800g-1kg and we recommend roasting in the oven. To prepare, score the fat on top of the belly and make sure to rub it dry with paper towel. Season well with salt, pepper, herbs and rub some olive oil all over it. Start by roasting in the oven at a high temperature of 220C to ensure crispy skin, and then decrease the oven temperature to 160C and slow cook for 2 hours.

What to serve with pork belly?

Try some old fashioned applesauce for starters as your condiment. Roasted pork belly can be delicious with potatoes, a green salad, or in a spicy miso and ginger sauce with rice. There are many delicious Chinese-inspired dishes to make with pork belly too.

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Behind the Brand

Peter Bouchier has been providing quality produce since 1983. They work with the leading free range producers in Victoria and NSW. They choose suppliers who share a passion for quality meat, as well as animal welfare and sustainability. We love this about them! Peter Bouchier have strict requirement for the size, type, and quality of meat they accept from suppliers, so they can always ensure a consistent and high-quality product for our customers. From their sourcing to their handling, all products are prepared with skill, care and precision. They ensure they treat their meat with respect right from sourcing, cutting, slicing, and trimming.