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Free Range Chicken Schnitzel Plain Crumb - 2 pieces

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Discover delicious chicken schnitzel from Peter Bouchier. Free-range chicken breast crumbed with breadcrumbs to cook at home. Pair it with Chardonnay. Approximately 550g. 2 pieces per tray.

What is chicken schnitzel?

Chicken schnitzel is a piece of meat covered in flour and crumbed in breadcrumbs. Originally, schnitzel originated from Austria where veal was traditionally used. Today, you can enjoy this dish with a boneless piece of veal, chicken, and even pork.

How to cook chicken schnitzel?

Our chicken schnitzels from Peter Bouchier are very quick and easy to prepare as they come already crumbed. Simply warm some olive oil or butter in a frying pan before pan-frying your chicken for 4 minutes on each side, or until golden and crispy. How long to cook chicken schnitzel in the oven? While pan-frying chicken schnitzel is the traditional way of preparing this dish, you can also bake it in the oven. Simply place your chicken on a baking tray drizzled with olive oil. Bake at 200C for 20-25 minutes or until fully cooked through. You can turn the chicken halfway through cooking.

Chicken Schnitzel Recipe

To make your own chicken schnitzel, you should start by preparing three bowls; one with whisked eggs, one with flour, and one with breadcrumbs. Dip the chicken first into the flour, then into the egg wash, and finally into the breadcrumbs. You can enjoy cooked as per above or make into a chicken parmigiana.

Chicken Schnitzel Burger

If you’re looking for ways to enjoy schnitzel, try adding it to a crunchy burger bun. We love ours with some gin mayonnaise, sliced tomato, lettuce, and cheese.

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Behind the Brand

Peter Bouchier has been providing quality produce since 1983. They work with the leading free range producers in Victoria and NSW. They choose suppliers who share a passion for quality meat, as well as animal welfare and sustainability. We love this about them! Peter Bouchier have strict requirement for the size, type, and quality of meat they accept from suppliers, so they can always ensure a consistent and high-quality product for our customers. From their sourcing to their handling, all products are prepared with skill, care and precision. They ensure they treat their meat with respect right from sourcing, cutting, slicing, and trimming.