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Co-lab Sessions with Fancy Hanks

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This is a physical event held at:
Fancy Hanks
1/79 Bourke Street,

If there’s one thing America does well, it’s barbecue. If there’s one thing Fancy Hank’s does well, it’s bringing that American barbecue into the beating heart of Melbourne. This November, Co-Lab Pantry x Fancy Hank’s will present all that goodness in one lip-smacking American brunch session. 

Inside the contemporary Art Deco eatery, guests will gather around the two-tonne custom-built smoker and take their pick of an ultra-slow-cooked meal (we’re talking 22 hours), thoughtfully curated wine and/or a craft beer. Then perhaps toddle upstairs for a cheeky view of the city skyline.

Brunch 2 Course Set Menu:
Deviled egg
Beer pickles
Smoked potato, chickpeas, fire roasted salsa and fried quail egg tostada 

14hr smoked brisket 
Pulled pork shoulder 
Smoker braised beans 

Top tip: wear comfy pants. These portions are generous.