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Welcoming Tip Jar to Co-lab Pantry

Photo by Co-lab Pantry

Welcoming Tip Jar to Co-lab Pantry

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By Co-lab Pantry

Tip Jar lands at Co-lab Pantry. 

Tipjar, is a hospitality relief fund that raises and directs money to those in the industry that need it most. Dedicated to supporting and helping those in need in the hospitality industry, Tipjar raises funds and distribute the money across multiple charities – all focused on feeding, housing, employing, up-skilling and supporting the food and beverage industry.

Their goal is to raise $100,000. You can contribute to Tipjar reaching their goal by purchasing Tip Jar Lager or Tip Jar Negroni. This will go directly towards saving our great Australian hospitality industry. If even just a fraction of Australia donate just a $10 tip, we’ll reach it in no time at all- and immediately begin helping those individuals who need it most right now.

If there was ever a time to give a tip, it’s now. Read more here.