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Victoria’s finest produce thoughtfully curated in our Regional Boxes

Photo by Co-Lab Pantry

Victoria’s finest produce thoughtfully curated in our Regional Boxes

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By Co-Lab Pantry

Regional Victoria is no stranger to exceptional produce. With its undulating vineyards, fertile soil and most importantly, first-rate growers, the region has fast become one of the biggest players on the global culinary stage. Of course, experiencing these tasty delights from our own backyard is usually reserved for a luxurious weekend getaway or after a deep dive in a boutique grocer. But Co-lab Pantry is changing all that.


Launched to share the love of good produce, we have now partnered with a selection of Victoria’s finest makers to create ‘Regional’, thoughtful curations of irresistible produce. Arriving at your doorstep perfectly packaged, each box features artisan products from one of six of Victoria’s most lauded regions; Bellarine, Ballarat, Bendigo, Great Ocean Road, Yarra Valley or Mornington Peninsula - and one additional ‘Overall’ Box which combines the finest products from across Victoria. That’s enough variety to keep you occupied for at least a year.

Beneath the lid you’ll find some of Australia’s most-loved local brands, as well as a couple of newbies ready to take you on a culinary adventure. Whether you’re seeping tea from the towering forests of Olinda or pouring olive oil from the dense groves of Drysdale, each item will transport you to a unique part of our state and leave you brimming with pride.

Being Melbourne-based, we here at Co-lab know firsthand just how much Melburnians are longing to taste the spoils of the winter harvest, as well as how much as regional makers are longing to let them. Our thoughtful selections cover every flavour base and will well and truly fill the months-long void. In a collection of seven to ten products, depending on your choice of region, something sweet, something savoury and something to wash it down is provided.

If you fancied sampling the best of Ballarat, for example, you’d be greeted with a jar of tangy preserved lemon harissa made by the legendary Josh & Sue, a dreamy coconut and dark chocolate slice from Spring Hill Farm, and a bag of fresh coffee beans roasted by the guys at Martin St Coffee – and that’s just the start. Each box is bursting with flavours more mouth-watering than the next.

The hardest part of all this will likely be choosing which box you want first. Just know that whatever you opt for, you’re not only doing your bit for your tastebuds, but also supporting local businesses who have been through a mighty tough year. Their commitment to producing and providing top-quality products amid the world’s longest lockdown is nothing short of remarkable. We are so excited to be sharing that with you.

Of course, if you plan on being one of the thousands of cramped city-dwellers eagerly stretching your legs in the outer regions when Melbourne’s “ring of steel” dissolves, remember your ‘Regional’ Box also doubles as a daytrip plan – hit up those locals and enjoy your unmelted Co-lab produce when you get home. You can thank us later.