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How to slice steak with Asado

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How to slice steak with Asado

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By Tehya Nicholas

Step into Asado Bar and Grill and you'd be forgiven for thinking you've wandered into Argentina. The smell of outrageously tender barbecued meats fills the air and makes even the most devout vegetarian's stomach rumble. Call it obsession, but the chefs at Asado have well and truly perfected the art of cooking steak. So we figured they were the best people to tell us how to slice it.

Read on to discover the expert's guide to slicing tender, juicy steaks.

First of all, what is your favourite steak to cook?

Easily the Ojo de Bife, our classic bone in ribeye. This cut is a staple on our menu and is found in every Parrilla in Argentina. This cut has a lot of fat which melts as it's cooked over our charcoal grill giving it an abundance of flavour.

Okay, what do we need to get started?

Things must be very hot, whether it’s your charcoal, gas BBQ or a frying pan. Ensure your steak is at room temperature and seasoned well with salt before it hits the grill to ensure that perfect crust!

What are your insider step-by-step slicing instructions?

For tender meat, you have to cut it against the grain. To identify which direction the grain of the meat is running, look for the parallel lines of muscle fibre running down the meat, and slice perpendicular to them.

If your steak is on the bone, remove the steak from the bone before slicing and serve everything together on the plate for those meat lovers who like chewing the bone!

Why is slicing steak the done thing?

It's easier to share! Our sharing style menu is inspired by the meals we came to know and love during our time in Argentina. The social element is an integral part of Argentine culture and is considered an opportunity to enjoy great food and wine with family and friends.

Do you have a favourite Argentinian marinade for steak?

When it comes to marinating steak, we prefer to keep it simple and just cook it on a hot grill with salt. However, when it comes time to eat Chimichurri is the perfect condiment. Made with parsley, garlic, oregano, chilli, vinegar and olive oil - it adds a hit of freshness to balance the rich flavours of the meat.

In Argentina they put it on all their meat, it’s sort of like their tomato sauce!

Serving suggestions! What’s your go-to steak side?

Some roasted potatoes with bravas sauce or aioli or even a fresh leafy salad with a light vinaigrette always work well!

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