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Brew Tea with Somage - Somage

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Brew Tea with Somage

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By Tehya Nicholas

Famous for their premium quality teas, chais and hot chocolate, Somage has been downright flourishing among the cafe scene in recent years. Pop into any local coffee shop and you’re likely to find at least one of their products. It’s only fitting then that we came to learn how to brew tea from the masters. The team who have studied the art of tea making for years, and takes pride and satisfaction in presenting you the perfect cup.

Here are their home-brewing tips to make tea like an absolute pro.

What do we need to get started?
To put it simply, all we need to get started is some good quality tea leaves, water (filtered is best) and something to brew it in. There is certainly a whole lot more equipment you can use to heighten the experience but those are the essentials. When we make tea, we always have a digital kettle on hand, to ensure we can heat our water to a specific temperature. We also always use a set of scales to control the amount of tea and water that is being used.

What’s your step-by-step process of making the perfect cup of tea?
Heat your water - Using a digital kettle will allow you to heat your water to the optimal temperature for your tea leaves. When water is too cold, you won’t infuse a fully developed cup of tea. When the water is too hot, you will burn your leaves as well as many of the amazing flavours and aromas.

Preheat your teapot
- This is an important step that many people miss out on. If you pour your water into a cold teapot, the temperature of that water will drop quite dramatically within seconds. To avoid this, just pour some hot water into your teapot for 1 minute before infusing your tea leaves. This will be enough time for your tea pot to heat up and will allow for a more controlled cup of tea. Make sure to discard the water used for preheating.

Weigh your tea leaves
- Using scales to weigh your tea is a really simple way of creating a consistent drink time and time again. All our teas come with guidelines on how much tea you require for every 100mL of water. Adding the correct amount of tea is important for optimal flavour and aroma. With too little leaves, you will be left with a weak cup of tea. With too many leaves, your drink will become tannic and overpowering.

Time your infusion
- Once you are ready to infuse your tea, we recommend using a timer to ensure you can easily control the steep time. This will, again, allow for greater consistency in your cup of tea.

Remove tea leaves
- Removing your tea leaves from your teapot means the infusion is complete and ready to serve.

How can we get the best from our tea pot?
It's all about choosing the right teapot. Using a quality teapot can elevate your tea to a whole new level. You should choose a teapot that will keep the heat inside the teapot for as long as possible. Porcelain, clay or Tetsubin (Iron) teapots are generally the best at doing this. The second thing to look for is a large basket for your tea leaves to have adequate space to move around, open up and release all their amazing properties.

Are there any secrets to crafting the perfect cup?
We believe it comes down to quality. There is such a beautiful simplicity in tea that, when you focus on the basics, you can create something really powerful. Use good quality tea, use a nice teapot and be present during the infusion. That's all.

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