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Behind the Brand with Cuvee

Photo by Sonja Veljanovski

Behind the Brand with Cuvee

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By Tehya Nicholas

It’s hard to think of a more perfect combination than wine and chocolate. They are like ebony and ivory, Batman and Robin, Vegemite and toast - stronger together than they are apart. This fruitful combination is understood at a soul-level by Chocolatier and Wine Connoisseur Deniz Karaca, the mastermind behind Cuvee Chocolate.


With a flourishing career crafting premium chocolates over twenty years, Deniz knew first hand the importance of a tasteful pairing. But how to share such intimate knowledge of flavour and craftsmanship? Well, for he and his wife Kylie, the best way seemed to be to open their own chocolaterie.

While it may sound like an outlandish foray, it was actually a logical next step for the pair who had long been creating decadent blocks of chocolate in their home kitchen. Between the daily unloading of crates into their house and a constant tapping on the kitchen bench, their neighbours thought they were renovating. In fact, a far more nuanced creation was taking place. The seeds of Cuvee Chocolate were being planted.

Fast forward four years to 2018 and the pair have migrated from their home kitchen and into a commercial space, powered by tempering machines and the same passion for chocolate. The Mornington Peninsula is still their home, only now they have the scope to showcase their creations to even more chocolate aficionados. 

The modus operandi remains the same, however, no matter the scale: purvey the globe for the finest quality cocoa beans, respect the growing, harvesting and crafting process, and present a sensory experience like no other. 

And while quality is the obvious focus, Deniz and Kylie are also committed to sourcing their precious cocoa beans from ethical sources. They engage closely with the growing community and always pay a premium that is well above the global price for their beans. They believe sustainability, as well as fair-trading practices are essential to producing the best flavour.

As for the art of chocolate matching, well, let’s just say Cuvee delivers a journey through the taste sensations, one bit of chocolate at a time. 

“A match can be complementary or contrasting. Like a dry rosé, contrasted by the sweet creaminess of a caramelised milk chocolate, accentuating its floral fruity notes. Or perhaps a savoury and tanny Cabernet complemented by hints of red fruit and roasted coffee in an African origin chocolate. Highlighting it’s texture and body,” Deniz explains.

Whether you’re after a perfect piece of chocolate to enjoy as you sip on a medium-bodied Shiraz, or want a square to enjoy all on its own, Cuvee Chocolate really is the masterful choice. We can only thank Deniz and Kylie for their sweet teeth, for they have given us one iconic range of chocolate.

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