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6 Easy Ready-Made Meals for a Night-In

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6 Easy Ready-Made Meals for a Night-In

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By Shenell Fransz

Long week at work? Make life easier by having artisan ready-made meals in your kitchen, perfect to be tossed in the microwave or oven whilst you shimmy out of your work clothes into some comfy sweats for a night-in. With Veggie Bar, Botanical Hotel and Foxes Den, you will never be starring down a sad cup of noodles but enjoying meals that are restaurant quality for your night of relaxation and binge-watching your favourite shows.

We have compiled a list of 6 ready-made meals to offer a sample bite of the delicious meals waiting for your to try. All the meals listed aren’t only time conscious but are perfect for one and available for under $20. Be prepared to grab a napkin, because this list is drool-worthy!

Vegie Bar - Classic Lasagne (V) A warm slice of lasagna can fix any of the Monday blues, Veggie Bar’s Classic Lasagne is a vegan-friendly meal that is ready in 5 minutes to ensure that your belly is full and you have a smile on your face quicker after a long day. Keeping it traditional in the kitchen, Veggie Bar slow-bakes their lasagna with layers of Bolognese sauce and rich, creamy bechamel to create a filling meal valued at $11.99.

Vegie Bar - Mee Goreng (V). Mee Goreng is a favourite that we all can’t stop ordering off the takeaway menu or have countless packets sitting at the back of our pantry waiting to be enjoyed. Veggie Bar Mee Goreng is a vegan-friendly Hokkien wok-tossed noodles with mixed veggies, sautéed potatoes and tofu in a finely spiced peanut satay sauce with fried shallots. This delicious ready-made meal is set to go in 6 minutes and is restaurant-quality, sure to replace all the other mee goreng brands sitting in your pantry for $11.99.

Botanical Hotel - Beef Bourguignon Julia Child once described Beef Bourguignon as “one of the most delicious beef dishes concocted by man", and Botanical Garden ensures you can enjoy this hearty meal in 15 minutes. Made from tender pieces of beef braised in fine wine with a medley of veggies and rich, creamy potatoes, this meal is the perfect companion for a night in and is available for $17.00.

Botanical Hotel - Sri Lankan Fish Curry Spice up your night-in with a little bit of curry. Botanical Garden’s Sri Lankan Fish Curry is a rich ready-made curry that can be enjoyed in just 3 minutes, so you can enjoy the flavours of Sri Lanka without having to do any more hard work. Botanical Garden uses basmati rice and a fresh snapper fish cooked with a curry made from onions, garlic, lemongrass and an array of aromatic spices to create a filling meal worth $14.00.

Foxes Den - Chicken Meatballs. Meatballs are the best comfort food to turn around any hard day at work, especially when it is ready in 3 minutes. Foxes Den Chicken Meatballs are handmade from free-range chicken and herbs that are cooked in a delicious Napoli-style traditional sauce. These chicken meatballs are sure to make you forget the stress of the day and are available for $14.90.

Foxes Den - French Braised Chicken You deserve to feel a little fancy after the daily grind, kick back with a glass of wine and Foxes Den French Braised Chicken to enjoy a night of comfort and luxury. This traditional french number is made from free-range chicken, french lentils and a mix of mushrooms and carrots. Foxes Den ensures your night can be quick and easy with their braised chicken being ready in 3 minutes and at the cost of $14.90.