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The Five Best Home Chefs To Follow On Instagram Right Now

Photo by Jessica Nguyen

The Five Best Home Chefs To Follow On Instagram Right Now

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By Emily Deacon

You’ve mastered the banana bread (all three loafs, to be exact) and you’ve been tending to your sourdough starters for the past few weeks—but, you’re ready to try something new and keep things interesting until your favourite restaurants and cafes open their doors again.

Now that you can invite up to five people into your home, it’s time to up your dinner party game and get inspired by these incredible home cooks that constantly have us salivating every time they post a new recipe or food pic. Double tap ‘em and thanks us later.

Jessica Nguyen (@jessica_nguyen_)

Jess’ love and passion for food is evident in every post and story she creates on her page—her recipes are a cinch to follow and they’re really tasty. Her premise is simple: inspire people to cook, one Instagram story at a time. From homemade dumplings to spring rolls, slow cooked ragu and vodka pasta, Jess keeps your belly full and your spirits high as you try and taste every morsel of her easy-to-follow-along recipes. Our top pick? The slow cooked lamb ragu with pappardelle is off the charts, and sure to impress any dinner guest.


Julia Busuttil Nishimura (@juliaostro)

She’s a cook, writer and teacher with a cookbook under her belt (Ostro). Julia believes in creating delicious, wholesome food that celebrates simple ingredients, seasonal products and the joys of coming together at the table. Her recipes are influenced by her Maltese upbringing and her time spent in Tuscany, where she first learned the ways (and joys) of creating food in an Italian kitchen. During isolation, Julia has been stepping her Instagram followers through simple how-to videos with the (very cute) help of her young son. Try her rigatoni with zucchini, pancetta and cream pasta dish when you settle in for some couch time this Sunday night.


Skye McAlpine (@skyemcalpine)

If you’re a sucker for a dessert, first of all—we don’t blame you, and secondly, you should take a look at the sweet treats Skye is whipping up. Based between London and Italy, the way she captures her creations is almost as impressive as what she’s cooked. The mother of two bakes everything from carrot cake layered with lemon-y marzipan buttercream, to a chocolate and mascarpone tart topped with roasted plums and a mouth- watering pistachio butter cake. She’s the first to admit she always skips straight to the dessert list when presented with a menu at a restaurant—but, can you blame her?


Christy Ma (@lolleroll)

With a penchant for brunch and coffee, Christy Ma is someone to follow if you take your breakfast making game very seriously. She often makes yogurt, oatmeal, chia seed puddings and experiments with healthy pancakes or waffles. She’s travelled about the world from Singapore to South America and has continually been inspired by the different cuisine that travel has introduced her to. Try her kimchi fried rice with spinach, green beans and frankfurters for something different, or her simple homemade pici cacio e pepe from scratch.


Anna Barnett (@annabarnettcooks)

This oh-so aesthetically pleasing feed is filled with beautiful images of food and Anna’s dreamy kitchen (which would inspire anyone to want to pop on an apron and cook up a feast). Dishes like Big Mac fried rice and tempura tacos are easy to create thanks to the ‘cookalongs’ section she adds to on her blog. She also arranges recipes into seasons to keep things simple. Her homemade salted dark chocolate cheesecake with a tahini brownie base and whopped dark chocolate cream cheese filling is a gamechanger.