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Nonna's Pasta Alla Norma

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Last week Nonna Margherita shared her secret recipe for Pasta Alla Norma featuring delicious ingredients from Melbourne's Lello Pasta Bar.

Follow the recipe below to try it out for yourself:

Ingredients * 1 jar Lello Tomato + Basil Sugo * 1 bag Lello Fusilli * 2 eggplants (diced) * 2 whole garlic cloves * 3 tbsp olive oil * chilli powder * 1 tbsp salt * 1 tbsp sugar * parmesan to garnish * fresh basil to garnish

Method 1. Add the diced eggplant to a bowl and toss with sugar and salt. Let it sit for 30 mins to draw out moisture and bitterness, then rinse and drain. 2. Add the oil and garlic cloves to a saucepan on a high heat. 3. Once heated, turn down to a medium-high heat and add the eggplant and chilli powder. Fry until golden. 4. Push the eggplant to one side of the pan and add the sugo to the other side. Slowly combine all ingredients in the pan. 5. Continue to stir regularly until the sauce becomes jammy, then remove the garlic cloves. Turn the heat down to a low simmer. 6. Add the fusilli to a boiling pot of salted water and cook according to instructions on the packet. 7. Drain pasta and add to a serving bowl. Mix through the sauce. 8. Top with parmesan and fresh basil (optional) 9. Bon appetito!

You know it’s good when it’s Nonna approved. Explore Lello’s range of authentic, locally-made Italian goods today!