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Love Tea

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By Tehya Nicholas

As the saying goes, you can’t buy happiness, but you can buy tea. But what about a tea that nourishes more than just your heart? A tea crafted with specific health benefits in mind, whether to calm your nerves, ease you to sleep or bring the glow back to your skin? Love Tea is the label that marries those therapeutic benefits with the age-old practice of tea drinking for the soul.

Things started back in 2006 when Emma Watson was studying naturopathy at university. The wonder of herbs hadn’t fully reached the West yet, and the best brew you could hope to find on the shelves was the mass-produced kind from England. So, armed only with an obsession for herbs, she played around with her own blends and tinctures and created tea equal parts refreshing and healing. 

From the early days, Emma’s vision was to make healing blends accessible and enjoyable for everyone. Soon, a hobby business was formed to sell her handcrafted blends to the public while she juggled study and a burgeoning relationship with fellow student Damien Amos. It proved a fruitful combination, as that relationship transformed into business partners, then marriage, then parenthood - all while collaboratively growing Love Tea into the powerhouse it is today.

The duo were united by their passion for health, wellbeing and caring for the environment. As the business grew, decisions about the harvesting, making and selling process were informed by sustainability and responsibility towards the planet and its people. Love Tea became certified organic, certified fair trade and the pair formed a partnership with 1% For the Planet, in which they donate one percent of their annual revenue to a range of environmental organisations.

Journeying towards the Love Tea customers know and love today has been a long and winding one. Spanning over thirteen years, the couple has traversed the Perth hills on push bikes to sell tea at a local market; travelled Australia and door knocked to potential stockists; and now stock tea not only country-wide, but across New Zealand, Japan, Hong Kong and the UK.

What hasn’t changed, however, is their commitment to five grounding principles that guide them wherever they go. Certified organic, fair trade, 1% For the Planet, hand crafted and Australian made - these core values are evident in everything Love Tea does. From their warehouse in South Geelong to the teacups in Southhampton, the love truly does seep out of Love Tea.