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Make This With: Hendrick's Gin - Hendrick's Gin

Photo by Hendrick's Gin

Make The French 75 Cocktail with Hendrick's Gin

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By Teyha Nicholas

As there is no better way to romance oneself, ones partner or ones pals than with a perfectly prepared cocktail, we've looked to Hendrick's Gin to give you one flawless recipe to the irresistible French 75.

Known simply as the 'Soixante Quinze' in France, one could expect to find it perched between Gatsby's fingertips or being shaken up on a Croatian yacht. Wherever you drink it, a dazzling celebration is guaranteed.

Roll up those sleeves, it's time to get shaking.




+ Flavours

  Zesty, Refreshing  

+ Skills


+ Garnishes

  Lemon Twist  

+ Glass

  Champagne Flute  

+ Equipment





  1. Add gin, sugar and lemon to a cocktail shaker.
  2. Add ice, shake well and fine strain into a flute.
  3. Top with champagne

  Et viola! The perfect jazzy party-starter.

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Recipe originally sourced from Hendrick's Gin