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Select wine like you know the lingo with Zonzo Estate - Zonzo Estate

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Select wine like you know the lingo with Zonzo Estate

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By Tehya Nicholas

Despite being widely regarded as one of Victoria’s best wineries, Zonzo Estate don’t take themselves too seriously. The wine, however... well that’s another story. Nestled amongst the foothills of Yarra Glen, the Zonzo winemakers have been harvesting, barrelling and pouring premium drops for years. So we thought it was fitting to find out how to select wine like an expert from the experts themselves. No judgement here, only learning.

What are the basics of “good wine”?

As our Winemaker would say “you can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear”, so the basics of a good wine really begin in the vineyard. If you have good quality fruit, this goes a long way to producing a premium drop. Wine is nothing without flavour and balance and most of this comes from the grapes.

What should buyers look for when reading a wine label?

There are a few things buyers can look at when reading a label: - The producer – Generally smaller producers (like Zonzo) make handmade wines and the process is less mechanised. - The year it was made – Every season is different, some providing great growing conditions and others providing more challenging conditions which can affect the quality of the fruit produced. - The variety – There are so many different varieties of wine, get to know what wines you like so you can turn to your favourite or try something new!

Why should shoppers go for Victorian wine?

Victorian wines are wonderful and so diverse! We have big bold Shiraz and elegant refined Shiraz, all the way through to beautiful Sparkling wines. There really is something for everyone, and with more than 800 wineries across 5 different wine regions it is a great place to begin your wine journey. Local growers and producers deserve all of our support, so we always recommend picking a Victorian wine.

Any pro tips for finding a wine to your taste?

Experiment! Try varieties you have never tried before and always be curious. You never know what you might discover! A great way to begin experimenting is to visit Cellar Doors, chat to staff, taste different wines and get some recommendations – you will soon learn what you like and what you don’t. We always recommend you keep an open mind too – remember every year and region is different. Don’t be put off if you try one Chardonnay that you don’t like, it doesn’t mean you won’t find one that you love.

What Zonzo Estate wines would you recommend for people who like delicate/bold/sweet/tart or even spicy flavours?

Delicate – Vintage Sparkling Bold – Cabernet Sauvignon or Shiraz Sweet – Moscato or Prosecco (these two have just the right amount of sweetness) Spicy flavours – Pinot Noir

Okay, now can you give us some fancy wine words to throw around and impress our mates?

Vintage: The year the grapes were picked Veraison: A physiological stage in the vine life cycle that is marked by the change in the appearance for the grapes. For example, when the grapes start to ripen and change colour from green to red or green to golden. Pigeage a Peid – Old fashioned stomping grapes with your feet.

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