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Panini with King & Godfree

Photo by King and Godfree

Panini with King & Godfree

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By Tehya Nicholas

Everybody loves a good crunch. Whether it's crushing a leaf underfoot or a biting into a scrumptiously toasted sandwich, there's something primal about hearing a crackle. Don't ask us why, we just know it's true.

The GOAT sandwich crunch would have to be from the panini. The humble Italian sanga prepared by grilling or toasting hits all the right notes. Sumptuous fillings, crispy, golden exterior, perfect size for breakfast or lunch - we're getting hungry just thinking about it.

Our friends and dedicated panini specialists King & Godfree were kind enough to walk us through creating the perfect panini. For them, it's all about quality ingredients, well-paired fillings and a little sprinkling of that famous Italian passion.

Step One
Start with the freshest ciabatta bread or baguette. The crunchiness and squishiness of a panini almost entirely rides on the quality of bread you use. Don't go for sourdough, as the lightness of the bread doesn't hold up well when grilling.

Step Two
Turn up the heat on your grill or toastie machine. You want things to be steamy before you whack your bread on.

Step Three
Take your bread slices and drizzle the outside of each piece with premium extra virgin olive oil and a sprinkle of sea salt. Then pop both oil-side-down on the grill. You want to crisp up the bread before you add your fillings.

Step Four
This is where you can get creative. King & Godfree recommend layering mozzarella cheese and giardiniera on one slice of bread, and popping their famous Mortadella on the other. The result is an astoundingly delicious feed.

Alternatively, layer up your favourite cold cuts, pickles or other fillings. King & Godfree have a huge assortment of cheeses, meats and veggies (our favourite is the K&G Pickled Melanzane.) And remember, if you're including "wet" ingredients like tomatoes, layer them in the centre of the sandwich with meats and/or cheeses on either side so they don't drown the bread.

Step Five
Remove from the grill when the bread is golden brown and give it a little squeeze (because who doesn't want to see cheese ooze out of a panini?) Best enjoy hot off the press!

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