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Give Mum a curated gift pack this Mother’s Day - Co-Lab Pantry

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Give Mum a curated gift pack this Mother’s Day

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Mother’s Day is only a few days away! Haven’t bought a present from Mum yet? Don’t stress, Co-lab Pantry has you covered. Come with us on a journey to learn about the origins of Mother’s Day and discover some beautiful gift ideas to spoil Mum on her special day along the way.

We think Mum deserves to be treated like a queen everyday, but the reality is we’re often so busy with our own lives that we fail to show our mums how much we appreciate them. At least on this one beautiful Sunday, let’s recognise and celebrate our mothers for being the extraordinary gems they are. Before panicking which restaurant to make a reservation at, what flowers to buy, or what grand gesture to organise, let’s first trace back the origins of Mother’s Day and learn how Mother’s Day celebrations have evolved to what they are today.


The history of Mother’s Day:

1. Mother’s Day was originally a tribute to a humanitarian champion

A pretty amazing woman named Anne Reeves Jarvis, an advocate and champion of women working to improve sanitary conditions, lower infant mortality, and tend wounded soldiers during the U.S. Civil War from 1861 to 1865, was commemorated by her daughter Anna Jarvis by organising the first Mother’s Day in 1908. In 1914, U.S. President Woodrow Wilson officially recognised the second Sunday of May as a holiday to honour mothers.

2. Mother’s Day in Australia also has a humanitarian origins

Australia observes Mother's Day the same day as its original celebration in the U.S. But did you know it was also rooted in humanitarian acts when it first came to our continent? A Sydney woman named Janet Heyden began collecting charitable gifts in 1924 for the elderly mothers who lost their husbands and sons in World War I. Aware of the power of advertising, she called on the public through advertisements in local Sydney newspapers to rally gifts for these strong women.

3. Mother’s Day celebrations around the world fall on different dates

Although the second Sunday of May has been cemented as the “official” special day to honour mums in Australia and the US, cultures around the world have different dates and practices to celebrate the powerful women in our lives. In many Arab cultures, Mother’s Day is celebrated on 21 March to coincide with the beginning of spring. Mother’s Day is also tied to religious and royal occasions. For example, Catholics in Panama commemorate the Virgin Mary on 8 December. In Thailand, Mother’s Day is celebrated every 12 August to honour their nation’s “mother”, Queen Sirikit, who has reigned since 1956.

4. Modern celebrations of Mother’s Day include giving gifts, flowers, and Hallmark cards.

From peace-making and political activity to civic and charity fundraising events organised by women, Mother's Day has become an internationally-recognised celebration of the strong and influential women in our lives. People celebrate by spending time at home with family, sharing a meal (and perhaps, a cheeky glass of wine!), or heading out to spend some quality time with Mum at the movies, the shops, or a picnic. Gift-giving also became part of the tradition almost a century ago. Iconic greeting card company Hallmark sold its first Mother’s Day card in the early 1920s. According to National Geographic, Mother’s Day is now the second most popular holiday for giving gifts — that’s a lot of love for Mum!

The best gift pack ideas for our Mums:

With the resurgence in popularity of unique personalised gifts and hand-made meaningful items you can't find anywhere else, curated one-of-a-kind gift packs are one of the best ways to make Mum feel special on Mother’s Day. Need some inspiration? Here are three of the best and most unique gift pack ideas from Co-Lab Pantry packed full of delicious food and drinks from some of Australia’s most loved food brands:

Bundle #1: Coffee Mumma, A$70


  • 250 g Market Lane, Seasonal Espresso
  • 250 g Fieldwork Coffee, House Espresso
  • 250 g Stella Coffee, Mamani Family Espresso
  • 250 g Industry Beans, Seasonal Espresso

This charming gift pack is for mums who love coffee! An assortment of specialty coffee blends in contemporary packaging, each bag of beans contains a variety of rich coffee flavours that Mum will surely enjoy. Market Lane Seasonal Blend espresso has red apple and plum taste with a brown sugar finish. A taste of cherry cola and almond torte with hints of light toffee is what’s waiting inside Fieldwork Coffee House Espresso. Mamani Family Espresso by Stella has light stone fruit flavours of apricot and yellow plum with notes of toasted hazelnut while Industry Beans Seasonal Espresso has a mix of milk chocolate, hazelnut cream, citrus lemon and nutty flavours. Give Mum a surprise with this classic bundle because coffee always never goes out of style.

Bundle #2: Boujee Mumma, A$70


  • Zonzo Prosecco
  • Mount Zero Organic Olives
  • Cuvee Choc
  • Apricot Delight
  • Yarra Valley Dairy Firey Cheese

This elegant bundle for the stylish mums is a real class act that contains a bottle of Zonzo Prosecco, Australian-grown organic mixed olives by Mount Zero Olive, Cuvee 42% Milk Chocolate, Apricot Delight, and Yarra Valley Dairy Firey Cheese that is made from fresh cow’s milk and marinated in dried chilli, garlic and olive oil. Get this alluring gift pack for Mum and have a Mother’s Day toast with a glass of Prosecco along with these other Boujee Mumma delights.


Bundle #3: Sweet Mumma, A$64


  • Messina Dulce de Leche
  • By Josephine Chocolate Macarons
  • Koko Black Choc Freckles
  • Cuvee Choc
  • K&G Choc Almonds

This bundle of treats is for mums with a sweet tooth! The Sweet Mumma gift pack includes Messina Dulce de Leche, a mouthwatering caramel sauce that’ll excite Mum’s taste buds; six pieces hand-made chocolate French macarons by Josephine; a box of bite-size milk chocolate freckles topped with colourful sprinkles by Koko Black; Cuvee 42% Milk Chocolate to share over a glass of wine with Mum; and K&G Milk Chocolate Almonds in a delightful bottle packaging. Add this gift pack to her stash of sweets to show how much you appreciate her.

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