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Yarra Valley Atlantic Salmon Caviar 50g

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A$21.50 A$26.99

Enjoy 100% Australian-grown Atlantic salmon caviar from Yarra Valley Caviar. Savour the luxurious taste of caviar on the regular now that you can find it at Co-Lab Pantry! Whether you use it to garnish a dish for a restaurant style meal, or want to eat it straight from the tub, you’re sure to love this locally sourced fish.

What is caviar?

Considered a delicacy, caviar are the roe or eggs from sturgeon fish. Technically, salmon don’t produce caviar instead a somewhat similar roe (without the extremely expensive price tag to match!) Salmon roe is very delicious and even considered a superfood as you get the same great benefits from eating their roe as you would by eating a piece of salmon.

What does caviar taste like? `

Salmon caviar or roe has a fishy, salty taste and a fantastic sensation as the eggs pop in your mouth as you eat them. We like using salmon roe to garnish salmon blini for a party, in our sushi or straight from the jar if we’re honest! If you’d like a twist on the traditional salmon roe, try the bloody shiraz gin version.

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