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World Dumpling Day with Oriental Tea House

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A$90.00 NaN
Pack includes:
  • DIY prawn and mushroom pack – prawn, mushroom, bamboo shoots, spring onion and sesame (30pc)

  • DIY veggie pack — bok choy, water chestnut, black mushroom, bamboo shoots, tofu, celery, pumpkin, spring onion and sesame (30pc)

  • Chef-made pan-fried pork dumplings (20pc)

  • Chef-made mixed signature dumplings pack – prawn, roast duck, shu mai, veggie, ginger prawn (10pc)

  • A traditional dumpling basket set

  • Condiments including a jar of homemade chilli sauce

  • Link and QR code to David Zhou’s video masterclass — it can be played on mobile, laptop, or casted to the TV

Class delivered through video link - note this is not a live class. Ingredients delivered day before the event. Melbourne Metro participants only.