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Via Porta Cornichons

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Are you a fan of pickles? Then we think you’ll love these. Discover tasty and delicious cornichons from Via Porta at Co-Lab Pantry. Perfect for adding to your homemade burger or cheese platter. These Via Porta pickled veggies are tart and crisp and have a sweet and sour flavour.

What are cornichons?

Also known as ‘gherkins’, cornichons are pickled vegetables. They are made from pickling young gherkins, and are short, crunchy and bumpy in texture. Whilst you might think of them as pickled cucumbers, they’re actually not the same vegetable. They have a sweet-sour flavour and are a popular accompaniment on a charcuterie board, with pate or in a hamburger.

Cornichons Recipe

Our Via Porta cornichons are made from pickling cornichons in vinegar, mustard seed, onion, pepper, salt, tarragon, and coriander seed.

Where to buy cornichons?

Buy all your pickled vegetables and cornichons at Co-Lab Pantry.

In addition to our Via Porta cornichons, we also offer Meatsmith pickles, pickled vegetables from Babajan, pickled garlic from MoVida, and pickled melanzane from King and Godfree. Discover our full collection of pickles and other condiments here now.

How to store cornichons?

Pickled vegetables will last for at least a year unopened. Once you open them, you should be able to keep enjoying them for a few months when stored in the refrigerator. These are so tasty though that we doubt they’ll last you that long!

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