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Tortuga 200ml

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We love Australian products, and get so pumped when they come together like this!

A play on ‘Don’t Give Up The Ship’, a little Martinez riff but as with all the great cocktails it is definitely a sum of it’s parts..

NEVER NEVER DISTILLERS - Hailing from Adelaide from an all star team, these guys have been winning award after award and we are so privileged to not only call them colaborators but also mates. We’re using their signature Triple Juniper gin and the Black Juniper Amaro (which we had a little bit to do with!). If you don’t know about these guys nows the time!

MARIONETTE - Melbourne born and bred and gee whizz they pump out some delicioous liquid! The curacao features Navel, Seville and Blood oranges all sourced locally from Glen in Mildura. Why look further when everything we need is in our backyard!

UNICO ZELO - A wine for the people! Hailing from South Australia - they think differently and we love it. First time we tried this Yuzu vermouth blew us away, and we’re glad we can share it.

Enjoy up, straight from the freezer, garnish with an orange twist.

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