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Sourdough Panettone 700g

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Panettone is a celebratory feast day bread-cake dating back to the Roman Empire. Ours aligns with traditional Panettone, free from candied fruits and achieving its lightness from sourdough leavening, a long and slow rise, rather than yeast.

Remarkably difficult to achieve, this method of crafting Panettone relies heavily on the skills of our artisan bakers. It is well balanced: subtly sweet with plump sultanas, rich with butter and eggs, and a delicate tang that comes from natural leavening and fresh citrus rind.

Suitably gift worthy for the holiday period, our Sourdough Panettone comes in a sleek kraft box with gold foil detailing. Each comes with a note from owners John, Jan and Joel that tells the story of how we set out to create real panettone hand crafted in small batches, and the beauty and difficulty of the process.

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