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Pasta Flour - Tipo 00

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Shop Molino Pasini tipo 00 flour at Co-Lab Pantry. This is soft wheat flour for homemade fresh pasta. This flour is suitable for making most types of egg pasta, to be cut or filled.

What is tipo 00 flour?

Tipo 00 refers to the way the flour has been milled and literally translates as type 00 in English. 00 is the most finely milled flour in Italy, think of it as so fine that it’s like a powder. It’s traditionally used to make pasta, whilst tipo 0 is best for pizza as it’s not quite as finely milled.

Where to buy tipo 00 flour?

Stock up on the best tipo 00 flour in town at Co-Lab Pantry. We only stock the best of the best and that’s what you’ll get every time with Molino Pasini flour. It’s designed with the chef at home in mind and uses soft wheat from Italy. When you shop for tipo 00 flour at Co-Lab Pantry, you can enjoy cross-shopping from over 150 of the best producers in Australia. Pick up a delicious sauce to pair with your fresh pasta, and local wine to serve with your meal.

How to use tipo 00 flour?

Our favourite way to celebrate this beautiful finely milled Italian wheat is in fresh pasta. The golden rule when it comes to making basic pasta is 100g tipo 00 flour to one whole egg. Start by pouring your flour onto a board and making a well in the centre. Crack your egg into the middle and using a fork start whisking some of the flour into the egg. Only whisk in a little at a time, slowly incorporating more and more flour. You can then use your hands to start kneading your dough and adding enough flour to ensure it’s not sticky but not too dry. You should knead your dough for at least 10 minutes and allow to rest under a teatowel for at least 30 minutes.

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