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Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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Discover Australian cold pressed Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, from Mount Zero Olives at Co-Lab Pantry. Made from 100% Australian grown Frantoio and Manzanilla olives, this is top quality extra virgin olive oil. The Mount Zero Olives oil has a herbaceous aroma, notes of walnut and tomato leaf and a delicious lasting pepperiness.

What is extra virgin olive oil?

Extra virgin olive oil is made from olives just like normal olive oil, however, it is the finest quality you can buy due to the way it's made. This oil is an unrefined oil as it’s cold-pressed, has a higher quantity of nutrients and vitamins, lower level of oleic acid and isn’t treated with chemicals. As the least processed oil, it’s considered to also be the healthiest.

Olive Oil Benefits

Extra virgin olive oil has been a key ingredient in the Mediterranean diet for centuries and is thought to have numerous benefits. Wondering why olive oil is good for you? Well make sure you buy the good stuff (extra-virgin) and you could enjoy some of these benefits: - Source of antioxidants - Anti-inflammatory - Reduced risk of heart disease - Considered a healthy fat - Boosts hair & skin health

How is olive oil made?

Extra-virgin olive oil is made by removing the seed from the fruit, crushing the olives into a paste and then extracting the oil from them. The key difference with extra-virgin oil is that everything is done without using heat, so the olives are ‘cold-pressed’, and thus retain all those great properties. Extra virgin olive oil is more expensive given its high-quality, so keep it to dress your salads, or use in dishes that you’re not going to cook. For cooking, you can opt for a regular olive oil, and save the good stuff for garnishing salads, meat, or pouring onto fresh bread.

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