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Mornington Box

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Get your fill of innovation with the tasteful ‘Mornington’ Box.

Over 170 vineyards and even more farm gates dot the picturesque coastline of the Mornington Peninsula, making it one of the most bountiful growing regions in Victoria. Loved by locals and travellers alike for its relaxed coastal atmosphere and contemporary food and wine scene, the best of the peninsula is now ready to be enjoyed at home.

The ‘Mornington’ Box comes packed with six delicious products from the region’s most esteemed producers, thoughtfully selected by us at Co-lab Pantry. From handcrafted chocolate sourced from the tiny island of Makira to fruity white wine grown on 11-hectares of pristine vineyard, each item reflects the vibrancy the Mornington Peninsula is famous for.

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  • Soleo 42% Milk Chocolate by Cuvée Chocolate
  • Olive Oil by Green Olive
  • Pinot Noir by Ten Minutes by Tractor
  • Carrot Jam by Batchmade
  • White Flour by Tuerong Flour
  • White Wine by Rare Hare
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Curated regional boxes

Regional Victoria is no stranger to exceptional produce. With its undulating vineyards, fertile soil and most importantly, first-rate growers, the region has fast become one of the biggest players on the global culinary stage. Of course, experiencing these tasty delights from our own backyard is usually reserved for a luxurious weekend getaway or after a deep dive in a boutique grocer. But Co-lab Pantry is changing all that.