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K&G Lasagna

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King & Godfree make their own pasta sheets for this one using durum and semolina flours and free-range eggs. Layered with their Bolognese and bechamel sauces and parmesan from the deli. Best of all, it'll be ready to eat in 15 minutes! This product only ships in Victoria.

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The OG Deli of Carlton, King & Godfree

King & Godfree's Deli has a lineage that traces back to 1884. Their Nonno bought King & Godfree in the 1950's, stocking it with Italian produce. Today, they're still about quality and sharing their heritage with us all, showcasing their antipasti, cheese, deli treats and Italian ready-made meals. Sitting on the corner of Lygon and Faraday Street, Carlton's King & Godfree is iconic and an institution in itself.