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Babajan's Harissa is a special mix of slow cooked tomatoes, spices and vinegar that they use in our famous breakfast dish in Menemen. We use it on eggs, vegetables or sandwiches!

What is harissa?

Harissa is a delicious spicy paste from North Africa. Originating from Tunisia, it’s normally made from chilli and is quite warming. Harissa can be used as a dip, a marinade, or added to stews and other dishes for a little kick. You can get mild to hot harissa paste depending on your flavour preferences.

How to make harissa?

There are so many different versions of how to make harissa with recipes varying widely. Most commonly you’ll see chilli used to make harissa, however this isn’t always the case like in this delicious version from Babajan. Sometimes citrus and vinegar is used for a more tangy version like this one. Or for a slight smoked flavour, paprika can be used too. You can make harissa yourself, but we say opt for the delicious Babajan version, it’s really too good to refuse!

Where to buy harissa paste?

There’s no better place to buy the best harissa paste in town than at Co-Lab Pantry. Melbourne Babajan makes some of the most delicious harissa we’ve ever tried and you can now enjoy it Australia-wide from the comfort of home thanks to our online shop. Just add it to cart and continue on your shopping trip around 150+ best local restaurant products.

Harissa Recipes

Wondering what to do with your tasty harissa? Why not try it in a dressing if you’re looking for a kick? Just loosen a few spoons up with olive oil, chilli, garlic and lemon juice. We love to use it as a marinade for roast chicken too, so give it a whirl! Or if you want to reduce the heat a little, mix it through some natural greek yoghurt to use as a dip.

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