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250g O'Connor pasture fed Eye Fillet, MS4+, Gippsland Victoria

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METHOD 1. Bring steak to room temperature 2. Lightly brush with oil and season 3. Place on to a hot grill and cook for 2mins, then turn 45 degrees and cook for another 2mins to achieve nice bar marks 4. Turn over and repeat on the other side 5. Cook to desired temperature and rest

TIPS 1. Source the best possible beef. We recommend grass fed for taste and texture.
Cows naturally eat grass and this is demonstrated in the flavour 2. Bring the meat to room temperature. The meat will cook quicker and the heat will penetrate evenly 3. Lightly oil the meat. We prefer to use vegetable oil as olive oil will burn quickly, leaving your meat tasting green and bitter 4. Season with salt. Don't use pepper at this stage as it will also burn. Pepper can be added after the meat has been cooked 5. Test the temperature of the meat with a thermometer This is the secret to a perfect steak every time 6. Don't forget to rest the meat before serving

Rare Cook to 28°c & rest to 35°c Med Rare Cook to 36°c & rest to 44°c Medium Cook to 45°c & rest to 53°c Med Well Cook to 54°c & rest to 60°c Well Done We don't recommend cooking a great piece of meat this way, however just cook it until it is the way you like it!

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