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Bellarine Box

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Seaside villages, urban precincts and heritage farmland coalesce inside the irresistible ‘Bellarine’ Box.

Inside the ‘Bellarine’ Box you will find nine of the region’s finest culinary products certain to make your mouth water. Lovingly curated by us at Co-lab Pantry, every item showcases the absolute best of the brands we love.

A culinary adventure through this chilled-out coastal region awaits you.

  • Organic Tea by Love Tea
  • Granola by Zeally Bay
  • Smoked Garlic Cultured Butter by Lardass
  • 200ml Gin by The Whiskery Gin
  • Sticky Balsamic Original by Sticky Balsamic
  • Smoked Eggs by The Smoked Egg Company
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil by Manzanillo Olive Oil
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Curated regional boxes

Regional Victoria is no stranger to exceptional produce. With its undulating vineyards, fertile soil and most importantly, first-rate growers, the region has fast become one of the biggest players on the global culinary stage. Of course, experiencing these tasty delights from our own backyard is usually reserved for a luxurious weekend getaway or after a deep dive in a boutique grocer. But Co-lab Pantry is changing all that.