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BBQ Pork Bao

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AKA char siu bao. The ultimate classic bao filled with BBQ Pork in a slightly sweet and savoury soy based sauce with fried shallot oil. Each pack comes with 6 bao.

What is bao?

Bao are soft steamed buns made from flour, yeast, sugar and water. They are traditionally filled with pork and vegetables, but can also be filled with a variety of other ingredients. These buns are seen in a variety of cuisines including Chinese and Taiwanese and vary within regions. They are thought to have originated in Northern China but originally as a plain, unfilled bun. In Shanghai, the Xiao Long Bao filled with a hot broth is very popular, whilst in Northern China they’re often filled with spicy pork. Hong Kong is famous for their Char Siu Ba which has a sweet BBQ pork filling that has been recreated by Wonderbao.

How to pronounce bao?

If you’re wondering how to properly pronounce bao, it’s best described by pronouncing the word ‘bow’ in English.

Bao bun fillings

Wonderbao makes seriously delicious bao buns with a variety of tasty fillings. Fans of fried chicken should try the Korean Fried Chicken Gua Bao, or opt for the classic fried pork bao. We love that they also provide options for vegetarians and vegans alike with the crispy eggplant option and vegie bao.If you’re looking for a new dessert, pick up a pack of the custard bao filled with super delicious coconut custard. If you’d prefer to make your own fillings, WonderBao also caters for this with their 18 pack of plain gua bao.

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