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Discover iconic gelato makers Messina and their range of delicious ice-cream toppings and spreads at Co-Lab Pantry. Messina Gelato Messina is one of A...

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Discover iconic gelato makers Messina and their range of delicious ice-cream toppings and spreads at Co-Lab Pantry. 

Messina Gelato

Messina is one of Australia’s best local gelato makers. The gelateria makes top quality, in-house gelato from their own recipes and never use pre-made bases or flavours. Messina is so passionate about delivering the best gelato, that they pay special attention to their ingredients. The gelateria has their very own dairy farm to ensure delicious and creamy jersey milk, and even makes their very own chocolate using high quality single origin Ecuadorian cacao. Not to mention they also have their own hazelnut farm to produce their gianduja flavoured gelato. Everything starts from using top notch ingredients to deliver the best tasting products for Messina.

What is Messina? 

Messina is an iconic gelateria with 19 retail stores around Australia. The founders decided to name their gelateria after the birthplace of their parents– Messina in Sicily, Italy. The brand’s mission is to bring a smile to people’s faces through their delicious gelato, weird and wonderful cakes and outstanding products. 

Messina Ingredients

This is one brand that goes above and beyond when it comes to caring about their ingredients. Messina owns a dairy farm, strawberry farm and hazelnut farm to help them produce the very best gelato in Australia. The dairy farm is in Victoria with over 400 pasture-fed cows that get to munch on grass, lucerne, and clover. The animals are never grain fed, and only milked only once a day. Buying their own dairy farm has resulted in the best quality tasting milk that’s extra creamy and therefore ideal for making gelato. The team also have a hazelnut farm in Seymour with almost 8000 trees and hope to rely solely on Australian hazelnuts in the years to come. Finally, with a strawberry farm in NSW the gelateria is producing some of the sweetest tasting berries ever, all in the name of producing delicious berry flavoured gelato.

Messina Delivery

Looking to get Messina delivered to your door? At Co-Lab Pantry, we offer Messina delivery for the brand’s outstanding gelato toppings and spreads. Choose from South American style Dulce de Leche, chocolate hazelnut or waffle cone flavoured spreads to smear on toast, on desserts or simply to eat straight from the jar. And, if you’re looking for the best ice cream toppings in town to dial up your frozen desserts we’ve got you covered! Shop Dulce de Leche topping, Choc Hazelnut topping and even Peanut Butter topping. Read on to find out more about these best-selling products.

Choc Hazelnut Icecream Topping 

There’s nothing better on top of vanilla ice-cream than a drizzle of delicious chocolate. That is, until you’ve tried the choc hazelnut combo from Messina. Known in-house as  ‘Messinatella’, this is a blend of the best home grown roasted Australian hazelnuts and cocoa to produce a luscious sauce you’ll love. 

Peanut Butter Icecream Topping 

Creating innovative and unusual flavours is Messina’s game. They do just that with their peanut butter topping for peanut addicts! Peanuts are roasted and blitzed into a thick and salty sauce that pairs delightfully with ice-cream. 

Dulce de Leche Spread

Messina doesn’t do anything in half measures, including when it comes to creating Dulce de Leche. With so many imitation products on the market that are essentially just caramel, the brand wanted to create the real deal delectable spread from South America. So, they decided to head to Argentina and learn how to make it themselves from a professional. The result is the best dulce de leche you’ve ever tasted outside of Argentina itself! 

Messina Recipes

Want to bring a piece of Messina to your own kitchen? Our friends at this famous gelateria have shared their recipe for the ultimate Messinatella Banana Bread with us. It’s a foolproof but very extra banana bread recipe filled with oozy Messina Choc-Hazelnut Spread, said to not last long. Made for sharing, but recommended to indulge on one's own, check it out now on our blog.

Frozen Desserts 

If you’re looking for gelato online, we stock creamy and delicious gelato from Lavezzi Gelateria. Based in Melbourne, this gelateria is run by Rafaello Lavezzi whose descendents were making gelato 150 years ago in Southern Italy. The gelateria aims to create naturally made Italian gelato, churned daily, from the highest quality ingredients. Messina’s delicious ice-cream toppings will go perfectly with Lavezzi Gelato.