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Discover artisan dried pasta and ready-made pasta meals that will bring a little plate of Italy direct to your home. Buy Pasta Online At Co-Lab Pantry...

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Discover artisan dried pasta and ready-made pasta meals that will bring a little plate of Italy direct to your home.

Buy Pasta Online 

At Co-Lab Pantry, we stock a range of high quality dried pasta from Lello Pasta Bar. You can choose from rigatoni, casarecce, fusilli, and gnocchi. We also offer delicious ready-made pasta meals for when you don’t feel like cooking from Via Porta, A25 Pizzeria, and King and Godfree. We only stock the very best from local restaurants and producers, so you’re guaranteed top quality when you buy pasta online at Co-Lab Pantry.

Types of Pasta

No one knows for sure just how many types of pasta are out there, but it’s thought to be at least 350 different types of pasta! Many regions throughout Italy created their own special shapes which were specifically designed to hold the ragu or sauce within their region. For example, agnolotti in Piedmont, tortellini in Emilia Romagna, and orecchiette in Puglia, just to name a few. At Co-Lab Pantry, we stock egg-free dried pastas as well as a potato gnocchi for you to cook and serve with your preferred sauce at home.  

Ready-made Pasta Bake

What could be easier than a ready-made meal of pasta bake whipped into the oven after a long day of work or play? At Co-Lab Pantry, we stock delicious lasagne, spinach & ricotta cannelloni, and eggplant parmigiana to satisfy your cravings. Enjoy delicious wagyu beef  lasagne from A25 Pizzeria or a beef & pork option from Via Porta. King and Godfree make delectable spinach and ricotta cannelloni, or a meaty veal option if that’s singing to your taste buds.Vegans won’t miss out here either with the tasty vegan and gluten free lasagne from A25 Pizzeria.

How to cook pasta

If you’re wondering how to cook pasta like a pro, it all starts with using enough water. You should use at least 500ml of water per 100g of pasta as a rule. Bring your water to a rolling boil on the stove and only at that point should you add rock salt. You need to add at least 1.5 tbsps of salt per 500g of pasta to ensure it’s well seasoned. Once the salt is added, the temperature of the water will decrease slightly, so wait a few moments until it’s boiling again before adding your pasta to the pot. Follow the cooking time instructions on your pasta packet but take off 2 minutes so you can test if your pasta is al dente, or ‘to the tooth’. Pasta should never be soft and soggy but retain a little bite to it. 

How long to cook fresh pasta?

Fresh pasta generally cooks very quickly. You can follow the same instructions as above to cook fresh pasta. A trick is to look out for when your pasta rises to the top of the pot and floats. This is a signal that your pasta is ready. Simply drain the water and toss through your preferred sauce to serve.

How to make pasta

If you’d like to try your hand at making pasta from scratch, we have a range of high quality flours from Molino Pasini to help. The general rule of thumb for egg pasta is 100g of tipo 00 flour to 1 whole egg. Start by pouring your flour out onto a big board and creating a well in the centre. Crack your egg into the centre of the well and using a fork start to slowly whisk the egg into the flour mixture. Pick up more and more flour from the sides of your well and incorporate into the mixture. When it becomes too difficult, ditch the fork and use your hands to knead the mix into a smooth dough. You should knead for at least 10 minutes until all the flour is incorporated and your dough is soft and smooth (not sticky!) Allow your dough to rest under a bowl or cling wrap for at least 30 minutes. Roll out in small pieces at a time using a pasta machine. Start from the thickest setting, gradually rolling the dough thinner and thinner (taking care to flour it to avoid sticking). Use the cutter or a knife to cut into your preferred shape. 

How to make pasta without machine

If you don’t have a pasta machine, don’t fret, you can still totally make fresh pasta at home! If you want an arm workout, do as the pasta makers do in Emilia Romagna and invest in a large rolling pin. It takes a bit of work and getting used to, but you can roll out your dough very thin with the help of this tool and some arm muscle. The alternative is to make an egg-free semolina pasta. All you need is 100g semolina flour and about 50mls lukewarm water. You follow the same method as above and can use just the back of a fork to roll out cavatelli shaped pasta. 

Pasta Recipes

There are endless recipes for this pantry staple to recreate in the comfort of your own kitchen. Choose a simple tomato and basil sugo if you’re vegetarian or vegan, or try a slow cooked meat ragu if you have a few hours to spare. Whether you like prawn pasta, carbonara, pesto sauce, or vegetable rich flavours, there really is a recipe that everyone will like when it comes to cooking this ingredient. 

Pasta salad

A great dish for summer entertaining or easy work lunches is the classic pasta salad. Try it yourself with our Artisan Fusilli as your base. When the pasta has cooled down, add chopped tomatoes, olives, cucumber, mozzarella and any other favourite ingredients. Dress with olive oil and red wine vinegar to serve.

Pesto Salad

Perhaps one of our favourite accompaniments to pasta ever is pesto. Choose from the classic green pesto made from basil and pine nuts, or try red pesto made from tomatoes and chilli. All you need to do is add your cooked pasta to a bowl and mix in a few tablespoons of pesto.

How to make pasta sauce

There are so many different sauce recipes you can try depending on your flavours. A simple tomato based sauce goes well with many shapes and all you need to do is fry some garlic in oil before adding a tin of very good tomatoes, salt and a pinch of sugar. Better yet, why not pick up some ready-made tomato & basil sugo from Lello Pasta Bar!

What to serve with pasta?

Artisan pasta needs a delicious sauce and at Co-Lab Pantry we have many! Pick up the slow-cooked bolognese from King and Godfree and your guests will never know the difference with such a tasty home-cooked flavour. If you like a kick to your sauce, try Lello Pasta Bar’s Spicy N’duja Sauce. Or keep things simply with Via Porta’s classic sugo. Make sure to grab some fresh bread too to mop up those tasty sauces with.