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Dulce De Leche Spread

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Messina brings you their Dulce De Leche, or also known as Argentinian Milk Jam!

What is Dulce de Leche?

This tantalising sweet sauce originates from Latin America and has a rich caramel flavour. It’s made from slowly cooking cow’s milk and sugar together, so it’s actually different to just a caramel sauce which is made from just sugar.

Where can I buy Dulce de Leche in Australia?

If you’re looking to buy this mouthwatering sweet sauce, look no further than Messina’s dulce de leche from Co-Lab Pantry. Dairy based products from South America are actually banned from entering Australia, and in the past imitations have been a far cry from the real deal. So our friends at Messina took it upon themselves and went to Argentina to learn how to make the best dulce de leche in its birthplace. The result? Silky smooth, rich and delicious. Shop for dulce de leche online now at Co-Lab Pantry and enjoy next day delivery.

Dulce de Leche recipe

We guess you’ve heard about boiling a tin of condensed milk to make it magically turn into the good stuff? Or burning sugar to make caramel and then adding cream? Both recipes might end up tasting good, but they’re actually not dulce de leche. The only way to make the real sauce is by heating up the best quality milk with sugar and slowly cooking it on the stove until all the water is extracted from the milk.

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